4096 is our remake of the popular thinking and puzzle game, 1024 and 2048. It has the same concept of 2048. Add two numbers together and it will be the sum of the two numbers. You can only add two of the same number. For an example, 2 can only be add to 2 to make 4 and 4 can only be add to 4 to make 8. The goal is to get a box or square to 4096 or even higher!

Controls :
In the online flash version of 4096, you can control the movement of the boxes by arrow keys on your keyboard or by clicking the arrow keys in the game. On the mobile version, you can only move by clicking the arrow keys.

History of 1024 and 2048 :
2048 is the popular version, but the original game is 1024. 2048 was made by an Italian web developer, Gabriele Cirulli, who took the concept of 1024 further, and so did many others who follow his footsteps. He is the one to credit bringing attention to the game concept making it popular on mobile devices and online. Now there are many 2048 games, and 4096. However, some developers have make their game so you can add past 4096. Another clone game with the same concept is “Threes”. Instead of starting with number 2, you start with 3, and the game is play with multiples of 3. To learn more, you can read about 2048 on Wikipedia.