Untie Me

Similar to Planarity, a popular flash games for puzzle lovers, Untie Me is friendlier version because of our graphics. The goal of the game is to untangle all the lines. When lines are crossing or intersecting it will be red. When lines are untangle it will be green. There are 36 levels and each level will be harder. There will be more lines to untangle and more dots to move. Also, you’re given a time limit. Untangle fast and you’ll receive three stars indicating you’re a genius or when time runs out you’ll have to start over.

Controls :
In the flash version of Untie Me, use your mouse to click and hold on the circle you want to move. Move the circle to a place or position where there are no lines crossing. In the mobile version, touch and hold on to the circle with your finger and drag to move it to another location.

History of Planarity :
Planarity was created by John Tantalo and its name is derive from planar graph. If you know or have seen a planar graph, it is easy to see where John got the inspiration for the game. Planar graph contains dots, and lines and the lines are connecting the dots. Sometimes lines cross on the map. Therefore, John made the game’s goal for players to move the dots until the lines are not crossing anymore.