Whack A Mole

Whack A Mole, one of the most popular games world wide, now, available online and for your android devices. There are many version of Whack A Mole, but our version features great graphics and user friendly controls. All Whack A Mole games have the same concept, when the mole is above its hole, whack it on the head with a mallet! However, we have three different types of moles. The brown ones are worth 20 points and they’re easy to hit. The one with the helmet will be harder to hit because you have to hit him three times! However, they are worth 100 points. Orange moles are fast, but they are worth 500 points.

Controls :
In the online flash version of Whack A Mole, control the movement of the mallet with your mouse and strike the mole with a left click. On the mobile version, you can tap on the mole to strike them with the mallet.

History of Whack A Mole :
Whack A Mole was invented in 1976 by Aaron Fechter of Creative Engineering, Inc.. You can read more about Fechter and the game on Wikipedia.